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Not Easily Available!

Natural fancy coloured diamonds are very rare and expensive. Red is one of the rarest and most desirable colours.

Is It Natural?

Natural red diamonds are so rare that most jewellers have never seen one, and will never own one. In recent years, methods of producing intensely coloured diamonds, probably including fancy red, have been developed, although we have never yet seen any red diamond natural or treated . We believe that the process probably recreates the conditions which existed millions of years ago to produce natural fancy coloured stones. The treatment can only work with a small minority of diamonds, and involves irradiating them causing the colour change, usually followed by heat treatment to stabilise the colour. We do not currently have available any red diamonds, natural or enhanced. We not miss any reasonable opportunity to acquire one for stock whenever we can. We will add a page devoted to gemstone treatments when we have more time.

How Rare?

In our first twenty years of designing diamond rings, we had only owned 5 coloured diamonds, four of which were certificated as natural. Now that treated stones are available, we intend to make full use of their inherent beauty in our rings. Even enhance (treated) red diamonds are not easy to find, so our stock selection will never be very extensive. Natural red diamonds remain so rare, that we don't bother trying to find any! Any comments we make about red diamonds will relate to treated ones unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

How Expensive?

Quality for quality, fancy red diamonds are more expensive than ordinary near-colourless ones. The processing adds to the costs, so it is generally only worth treating diamonds of high clarity. The diamonds selected for treatment usually start off a one of the less desirable colours such as brown or yellow. There is no certainty about the final colour that any particular stone will be after treatment.

Famous Red Diamonds
The world's largest red diamond is known as the Red Shield, and weighs "only" 5.11 carats, compared with over 600 carats for the largest diamond of any kind. It would get anywhere near the list of the world's largest diamonds, yet it is famous for the fact that it is red, one of the rarest colours for diamonds.
We will shortly be adding a page listing the largest and most famous red diamonds in the world.

What About Rubies?

Why bother to get so excited about red diamonds, when we could use rubies instead? The very best rubies are quite expensive, and they still do not have the sparkle that red diamonds possess. In addition even though rubies are very hard and durable, diamonds are many times harder and even more durable.

More Information

For more information about red diamonds, please follow the links at the top left of this page. We also have pages about cut, shape, & clarity of red diamonds, and colour in general.


We design and create diamond rings, and we have found that many other people share our love of red diamonds and other fancy colours. So far we have only made a small number of rings using red diamonds, but we are busy right now with a few new ones. The problem seems to be that we sell them as fast as we can find the diamonds, and make the rings.

Pendants & Ear-Rings

We have also made a few pendants, and are about to produce our first pair of red diamond ear-rings. Because of the variation in colours, and the small numbers of red diamonds we get to see, it is not easy to find matching pairs of red diamonds for ear-rings. Watch this space. Actually look out for new links near the top left of this page.


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